About Me

A 22 year old Self-Taught chef who has a passion for cooking and bringing people together. Good food and Good vibes, two of the finer things in life in my opinion. About two years ago I started out by selling hot plates to college students and locals just to make ends meet while finishing college. The support was present and it was at this moment I realized I had a real talent and could go far with cooking. Now I am one of the most sought after private chefs, traveling literally across the world to provide private dining experiences that will be unforgettable. With a cuisine ranging from seafood to soulfood, I specialize in creating dishes that are either traditional classics with a twist, or simply unique recipes you may have never seen or heard of before! The slogan I live by is “we gon make somethin outta nothin”. Growing up, my mother and father always made a way out of nothing. Whether it was making ends meet, making a good time out of a bad one, or simply just creating a good vibe out of thin air. As I began my culinary journey I had no direction, no mentors, and no honest plan of what the next step would be. This is when I began living by that slogan and realized no matter where my journey would take me, I would always create something out of nothing!

  Here at Renzos Recipes we hold quality to the highest standard, if you have a vision me and my team will do our best to bring it to life. One of the most important things to me is that our clients are always satisfied, I will always take that next step to ensure client satisfaction is at an all time high. Thank you for your support, and I hope I can play a part in either creating a unique experience for you, or helping you create a memorable experience of your own with my food.